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Kim Kardashian Posts 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Spoilers On Her IG

Source: Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment / Getty

Kim Kardashian became the villain to comic book enthusiasts after she spoiled 2021’s biggest blockbuster.

For the most part, Kim Kardashian has managed to stay out of the crosshairs of comic book fanboys as they have more pending matters to attend to, such as cosplay events and objecting to movie castings of their favorite comic book characters. That all changed once she decided to take it upon herself to spoil the latest Spider-Man film and, in doing so, summoned the wrath of the dark corners of the fanboy internets.

On Monday night (December 27), Kim Kardashian viewed Spider-Man: No Way Home in her private home theater (rich wypipo privilege even though she’s Arminian-American) and had the pornstar audacity to post all kinds of spoilers on her Instagram stories while she was watching the film! While Spider-Man has already grossed over a billion dollars, many fans still have yet to see it and have even muted Spider-Man-related subjects on their social media to avoid spoilers. However, Kim isn’t exactly plugged into normal people’s society and had to show everyone just how exclusive her life is at this point with the home theater and getting the hottest film in the world today delivered to her private residence.

Naturally, fanboys and anyone else who hasn’t had the luck to see the film yet were mortified that Kim spoiled some of the film’s biggest surprises and took to social media to air their grievances over Kim’s spoiler transgressions with one fan saying “This bitch just spoiled a huge reveal.” She did, ma’am. She did.

The backlash was so swift and ruthless that Kim took down the stories from her IG page but has yet to apologize for boneheaded posts. Too bad she isn’t with Kanye West still cause y’all know he would have gone on social media and tried to roast everyone for calling out his wife in a spectacular bipolar fashion. Just saying.

Check out some of the reactions below and let us know what you think of Kim’s Marvel misstep in the comments section below.

Photo: Alberto Rodriguez/E! Entertainment / Getty

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