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Wendy Williams has made a name for herself in the industry for not only having the scoop on all the entertainers but also being honest about her own journey in the game. In a recent interview, the veteran media personality shared details of a one night stand she had with one of the most notable rappers in the world in Method Man.

During an interview with DJ Suss One, Williams detailed a wild night out in what should be assumed was New York City, and the year wasn’t specified but clearly, M-E-T-H-0-D Man was there with the whole Shaolin clique at a nightclub.

Williams tells DJ Suss One that a fight broke out but Williams was at a higher vantage point away from the ruckus, with the pair quietly sneaking out and hoppig into her Pathfinder (this definitely had to be the 1990s) then made moves to Jersey City across the way where the radio host gave Mr. Meth a bath and whatever other adult activities go down in the privacy of one’s home.

A full interview between Suss One and Williams is set to drop at any time now, where the pair cover topics such as her struggles with drug addiction, kicking the nose candy habit in just four days, and why radio giant Howard Stern dislikes her.

Of course, the Method Man situation is getting a ton of burn on the Internets at the moment and some fans are remarking on the fact that Williams isn’t Method’s favorite person after she spilled private details regarding the rapper’s health concerns.

On Twitter, fans just getting wind of Wendy Williams and Method Man’s alleged hookup have all the comments. We’ve got those listed out below.

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