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Another L Trends On Twitter Following Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 Release

Source: Nike / Travis Scott Air Jordan 6

The SNKRS app is the jig STRAIGHT UP!

Expert collaborator and merch dealer Travis Scott decided to celebrate his birthday with a new pair of his Air Jordan 6s collaborations with Jordan Brand. As with anything that’s attached to him, the hype was real, and, regardless of people saying they are done with Nike’s SNKRS app, people still flooded the app Friday morning (Apr.30), hoping to secure a pair.

Unfortunately, based on the reactions we have seen on Twitter, only a few people received that ever so rewarding “Got Em” notification. Now, if you haven’t noticed, Nike has decided to utilize the “draw system” — which it first introduced five years ago — when it comes to big releases and limited drops because it claims it helps “counter automated BOTS and to ensure a level playing field for all users.”

Well, it still feels like the bots are winning out even though technically shoppers are basically competing with each other trying to get their hands on a pair of kicks that a good 95% will not even wear and just will throw on GOAT and StockX to flip. Once the draw closed and the rejection notifications went out, “Another L” began trending on Twitter, with sneaker enthusiasts voicing the frustration we have sadly become used to following every sneaker release on the SNKRS app.

Lol, so accurate and yet so sad.

This broken record will continue to spin as long as the sneaker resale game remains profitable and sites like GOAT and StockX give sneaker resellers a place to beat people over the head with ridiculous resell prices. The highest asking price is $950 for a size 12, with the lowest being $630 for a size 6 on GOAT.


You can peep more reactions to another sad day on the SNKRS app below.

Photo: Nike / Travis Scott Air Jordan 6

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We feel your pain. 


Sad boys.




We can’t win. 


Only sneakers that seem to be in endless supply. 


LOL, but damn homie.


We’re all in the same boat.