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The annual Met Gala is one of the premiere fashion events of the entire year, where our favorite famous faces go all out for the sake of personal style and of course to turn a few heads.

Being that the festivities are based in New York City, it only made sense for NYC’s very public-facing Mayor Eric Adams to attend the invite-only affair. However, it was his choice of ‘fit that had everyone talking for all the wrong reasons.


Adams attended the event alongside girlfriend Tracey Collins while rocking an elongated tuxedo with customized art motifs that featured a standout graphic that reads “End Gun Violence.” Many would assume that bringing awareness to such an important topic might award him some brownie points, especially given a similar political statement by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez at last year’s Met Gala with her “Tax the Rich” gown by Brother Vellies. Unfortunately for the former NYPD officer, many saw his fashion forward attempt as nothing more than a faux pas.

The main conflict people are having with Adams is that, while his jacket may have a positive message, it doesn’t reflect his own actions when it comes to decreasing the rampant crime in the Big Apple that’s been rising in wake of the new post-pandemic atmosphere. Some have even called him a hypocrite, claiming that he used the real-life trauma happening in the streets of NYC to make a fashion statement without doing any real authoritative work to end gun violence in real life.


While it’s hard to pin all the problems resulting from crime in New York City on one man specifically, being the mayor of any city does come with certain responsibilities that we can only hope he’s making time to honor. If nothing else, Nigerian visual artist Laolu Senbanjo did an outstanding job on the detail in the design!

Take a look below at the many reactions that Eric Adams got on social media for his “End Gun Violence” tuxedo jacket at the 2022 Met Gala, and let us know if you agree with the heat that he’s receiving:



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1. so Eric Adams wore this. meanwhile, a fully-armed NYPD is clearing out homeless encampments and subway platforms. but sure, put an end to gun violence.

via @AndieIsOnline

2. yo, eric adams is fucking funny, bro. my dude is rocking an “end gun violence” fit while advocating for more policing lol.

via @RAWshadTX

3. The lockdown and mandates have caused an increase in gun violence and crime in general.

via @eastriverrunner

4. Eric Adams wore a “end gun violence” jacket to the MetGala & got his nails done. Roll your sleeves up, get dirty & maybe break a nail getting hands on with the things that cause the violence. Putting an advertisement on your back & getting your nails done won’t get it done!🖕

via @GRM5336

5. I’m convinced Eric Adams thinks he was elected to be a celebrity not the mayor of NYC.

via @stef4senate

6. Boooo, corny, 🍅🍅🍅 (police violence is gun violence, @NYCMayor )

via @whatcandicesays

7. When Eric Adams says ending gun violence what he means is reestablishing the same violent police unit that was disbanded for racially profiling and brutalizing people, and passionately defending one of his officers shooting an 18 year old in the head for running a red light

via @msolurin

8. i wonder how many homeless people the nypd brutalized and displaced while eric adams posed for pics in his cartoon tux at the met gala

via @mxtaliajane

9. People are being pushed in front of subways, attacked with metal objects, stabbed/slashed and raped but this clown got a pedicure and is a good soldier for his Dem agenda. So over Eric Adams

via @victimsrightsNY

10. I saw that jackass, Eric Adams attending the Gala with his political statement on his jacket. Meanwhile, crime in his city is out of control.

via @BeverleeMascio2