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Black Twitter has the uncanny ability to turn almost anything into a well-timed joke, and the same has happened with the Omicron COVID-19variant that raised concerns around the globe. Using humor as a means to cope with the pandemic fatigue, Black Twitter has R&B singer Omarion‘s name trending as a result, and while this is a serious situation, the reactions easily induced some chuckles.

Although Omarion’s name began trending in earnest on Monday (Nov. 29), credit should be given to another Twitter user who seemed to be ahead of everyone over the weekend.

Since then, others have come with their own variation of the twist on words, coming in the wake of folks getting Decepticons trending after the World Health Organization named the variant after cases were found in South Africa. It should be carefully noted that while cases were indeed found in the African nation, it does not signify that the variant was established there.

The situation regarding Omicron is dire enough that the United States and Europe banned travel from South Africa and its bordering countries to their respective regions. However, the variant appeared in Portugal, Hong Kong, and other locales, adding to the growing speculation that the virus spreaded further than previously thought.

Efforts to contain spread may be futile as the Omicron variant has shown spike mutations unlike any seen before with the COVID-19 virus, prompting the WHO to call for worldwide vaccination efforts, research, and data collection to stave off any further impact rendered already from the still-ongoing pandemic.

For now, laughter might be the best medicine regarding this concerning moment and we’ve got some of the reactions below.

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There are probably three dozen variations of this joke.







NGL, this was a good tweet.




Solid tweet.