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In case you aren’t familiar, 26-year-old Michigan-bred singer Queen Naija is one of the most promising acts in R&B to debut over the past five years — she’s got three chart-topping singles, multiplatinum certification and viral success as a YouTube star all off one album and an EP.

Also in case you’re weren’t aware, she’s one of the most hated people on all of Twitter for doing absolutely nothing.


The viral trend of jumping on the “Queen Naija Hate Train” came to a head during her recent interview with The Breakfast Club (seen above). The Missunderstood songstress seemed to take it all in good fun, even referring to herself as “the joke of Twitter.” However, she did acknowledge that some out there aren’t pretending but that her plan is to get shirts made so that she can better identify her haters.

Of course, the interview only made the trolls go into overdrive with outlandish tweets and affirmations that it isn’t the joke she believes it to be. However, there’s still one simple question that exists at the end of the day: why?!



Some have pointed to the answer being that Queen Naija is a colorist, stemming from a YouTube video she did back when she was married to first husband Chris Sails where she says “It seems like always little Black, nappy-headed — I’m sorry y’all! — it seems like always little nappy-headed girls will bully me, like they jealous or something.” [sic] After she doubles down by saying the people who bullied her were “ugly,” Sails, who’s sitting next to her in the video, ask if she believes there’s such thing as “ugly people.” Queen Naija then gives him a dumbfounded stare before clarifying that it has nothing to do with color but it was “them” who bullied her, them being “some little Black little girls bullying me with some ol’ terrible hairstyle.” [sic]

Naija herself has addressed the video many times since 2018 to confirm that she’s not colorist and was simply telling a childhood bullying story. Still, fans haven’t let up off her neck for years now.



Take a look below at some of the many ways that we’ve witnessed Twitter’s now-infamous “Blame It On Queen Naija” movement going strong:



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1. when i say “queen naija is behind…” i mean that you are the cause!

via @heyheedie

2. Y’all Queen Naija was her stylist this day…this is NOT her fault.

via @happywithoutjt

3. Queen Naija cannot sing. We will continue to talk down her on.

via @cherrybeys

4. wait, queen naija’s real? i thought it was just a twitter joke

via @thereturnofBWA

5. If queen Naija has a million haters I’m one of them. If queen naija has ten haters, I’m one of them. If queen naija has one hater, I am that hater. If queen naija has no haters, I have left this earth. If the world isn’t against queen naija, I’m against the world -Nelson Mandela

via @Leileiloleilol1

6. i have video proof of queen naija pouring oil on stage to make him slip

via @95angeIs

7. i throughly enjoy blaming queen naija for things that have nothing to do w her

via @specialk8o8

8. i blame queen naija for even playing along because WHO TOLD YOU TO JOIN US🤨

via @ramiyahhurn_

9. Queen Naija once again the root of all evil

via @firstnameariana

10. and you really thought you chewed with this too…… yea I knew sum dumb was about to be said after the “I like queen naija”

via @wishutheworsto