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This Video Of Steve Harvey's Face Superimposed Over Megan Thee Stallion's Is Too Much!

Source: David Becker/Getty Images/Taylor Hill/Getty / Getty

It was the viral video that no one knew they needed (or wanted), but here’s what all know: we can never unsee it.

Yesterday, when we were all minding our business, Myster Giraffe, a group of anonymous brilliant folks who “are a combination of creative thinkers, VFX gurus, and compelling storytellers,” whose mantra is “where the odd is ordinary.” Baby, let me tell you, the odd story they told on Thursday had us completely shook.

Known for editing celebrity faces onto other celebrities bodies in numerous past viral videos, this super-talented and demented team put together a video of Megan Thee Stallion rapping during a past NPR Tiny Desk series, but with Steve Harvey’s face superimposed on hers.

Yes. You read that correctly. Steve Harvey’s face on the Hot Girl’s thick ole body, rapping to “Big Ole Freak,’ talking about “sucking it,” and all kinds of things I can’t write on here.

Take a look at this beautiful mess:


The video became so popular, it had Steve Harvey trending on Twitter and folks losing their collective minds. So instantly, I reached out Myster Giraffe to get the tea on how they even came up with this concept.

“The ideas generally flow from many different directions. For Myster Giraffe, it’s about grabbing the one you can and holding on. Sometimes they take on a life of their own that you didn’t quite expect,” Myster Giraffe told HelloBeautiful.

Take a look at some of their past work:


Here’s the mashup of Will Smith and Cardi B that put their name on the map:



Here’s what Black Twitter had to say about Steve Harvey as Megan The Stallion being a big ole freak:

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