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The bombshell allegations that Diddy abused and raped Cassie have been rocking the Internets since the story broke on Thursday (Nov. 16). But one particular detail that has social media enthralled is the claim that a jealous Diddy had Kid Cudi’s car bombed because he dared to date Cassie.

While the myriad of accusations Cassie lobbed at Diddy in her lawsuit are vile, Cudi’s involvement is straight out of a Tubi movie, if true. Back in 2012, the Cleveland rapper’s career was couple of years after the release of his sophomore album, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager and a year before the arrival of its follow-up, Indicud. But according to the court documents, that same year, according to Cassie, Diddy was so mad about her dating Cudi that she claims he threatened to blow up the “Day N Nite” rapper’s car.

Apparently, the suit claims: “Around that time Kid Cudi’s car exploded in his driveway.”

But the kicker is that Cudi confirmed. “This is all true,” reportedly said his spokeswoman.

So while most recently Kid Cudi was in his Star Trek bag at Comic-Con in NYC, on this days his love life, from a decade ago, has become the stuff of Internet scandal. What a time.

Check out some of the wildest reactions in the gallery.

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