Online Editor J. Belle talks with media personality and author Ryan Jor El about his first ever Black Fathers Rock Award ceremony happening tomorrow. Jor El talks his inspiration in starting to this movement and what attendees should expect when they show up. Black Fathers Rock! happens Friday night, February 23rd on the campus of […]

Bill “Wallie” Cathcart Former Pitcher, Joe Black National League All Stars Bill “Wallie” Cathcart is a native of Rock Hill, SC. Cathcart was a pitcher for the Joe Black National League All-Stars, which played the last of the Negro League teams in the Northeast during the late 50s. Black, who played for the Brooklyn Dodgers, was the first […]

Kevan Glover Founder, The Konnected Foundation Kevan Glover grew up in Buffalo, New York as the eldest of four children. He proved early on to be a leader and motivator amongst his family, his peers, and on the basketball court. On a road trip in 2001 with friends to Charlotte, he fell in love with the city: for […]

Shaun “Lucky” Corbett – Da Lucky Spot Barbershop Shaun “Lucky” Corbett is a husband, proud father of 4 children and passionate owner of Da Lucky Spot Barbershop. He has worked diligently to build a brand that creates a culture for community engagement and second chances. After making too many wrong decisions at the age of […]

Don’t let Diane Nash’s small role in the film "Selma" fool you. She was a crucial figure in the Freedom Rides, the lunch counter sit-ins, protests for Blacks’ voting rights and the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1965.

Black History Month

There aren’t many people out there who make rocket science look easy. Somehow, Dr. Mae Jemison has done it for almost 30 years with grace and style. Jemison’s claim to fame is being the first African-American woman to enter space during her trip on the Endeavor in 1992. However, her life had an ordinary start […]

Rihanna is paying homage to Amelia Earhart in a new bomb-ass Harper's Bazaar photo shoot for Black History Month.

There’s no way to celebrate Black History Month without honoring black women, more specifically black mothers. From slavery to present day black mothers have endured pains and trials that no other woman or mother of any race have had to endure. They have been raped, to sold into slavery in a way that broke separated […]