The first Omicron Variant (aka Omarion variant) was confirmed in Mecklenburg County identified in a student on UNC Charlotte Campus, the university announced. According to the school website, the student tested positive for the Omicron Variant after traveling out of state during Thanksgiving break. Everyone who might have come in close contact with the student […]

Coronavirus cases are back on the rise in the Charlotte area,  according to new data from Mecklenburg County Public Health Department. The county numbers were declining progrssively for a few months but the rate of coronavirus cases is on the rise in nearly every Mecklenburg County neighborhood, The Charlotte Observer reports. Health officials say the […]

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. It’s made a big impact on how we use technology as well. Companies have evolved to reflect the times and Google is one of those companies that has adapted. According to reports they have just announced that they will now include a Covid-19 feature to their […]

We knew vaccines were on the way but who knew they’d be in North Carolina THIS soon. Covid-19 Vaccinations could hit NC by November 1st, just two days before the election according to reports. The CDC is set to distribute the vaccines to all state governors. According to CBSNews: “…CDC Director Robert Redfield sent a […]

It looks like things aren’t going as planned in regards to the fight against Covid-19! Recent reports say that North Carolina just recorded the highest single day Covid-19 cases its had in the last 2 weeks. According to “The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported 1,972 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, the highest […]

Things got a bit out of hand on an American Airlines flight on its way back to Charlotte. According to reports and video, passengers got into an all out brawl over a face mask. Two or more women can be seen on video going blow for blow while other passengers watched. It’s unclear who initiated […]

Officials in Gaston County are ready to open the economy back up!! Although Gov. Cooper has a stay at home order in effect until May 8. Commissioner Tracy Philbeck is pushing the charge to reopen businesses sooner. As a matter of fact, he went from urging people to stay home to stating that if “businesses […]

Karl-Anthony Towns is the latest NBA star to come out and be vocal about staying cautious regarding COVID-19. But unlike others in the league who’ve been diagnosed with the virus, Towns’ fight is even more personal. Late Tuesday night, Towns revealed on social media that his mother, Jacqueline Cruz, was currently hooked to a respirator to […]


Yes, it's possible that the virus could somehow land on your tresses, but will you contract the deadly virus from it? Probably not.

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