The omicron COVID variant impacted millions of Christmas holidays. It seemed like everyone had contracted the virus just before the holidays, keeping them from gathering with family and having to quarantine at home. Or maybe you were flying out and were a part of the 5,000 flights canceled due to COVID-19 staff shortages. After thousands […]

If you are looking for a way to make some money, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper just announced a plan that could make you $1 million richer. Over the next three months, the state will be giving four people $1 million each to those who have gotten at least one vaccine. So here’s how it […]

Johnson C Smith University joins many other universities in requiring students to get the COVID-19 vaccine before returning to campus. In a press release from May 12, the University announced as they prepare to welcome students back to the campus fall semester, students are required to return fully vaccinated. Under the policy, students must complete […]

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released updated guidelines on Tuesday saying fully vaccinated Americans do not need face masks anymore unless they are in a large crowd. The CDC’s new “interim public health recommendations” details activities fully vaccinated can resume. Walking, running, hiking or biking outdoors alone or with members of their household […]

Covid-19 vaccinations has been the topic of discussion for the last few months and now the FDA has just approved a medication to treat it!! It just so happens to be the medication that was given to Donald Trump during his alleged bout with Covid-19 according to reports. The antiviral drug is called Remdisivir. More […]

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. It’s made a big impact on how we use technology as well. Companies have evolved to reflect the times and Google is one of those companies that has adapted. According to reports they have just announced that they will now include a Covid-19 feature to their […]

We knew vaccines were on the way but who knew they’d be in North Carolina THIS soon. Covid-19 Vaccinations could hit NC by November 1st, just two days before the election according to reports. The CDC is set to distribute the vaccines to all state governors. According to CBSNews: “…CDC Director Robert Redfield sent a […]

It looks like things aren’t going as planned in regards to the fight against Covid-19! Recent reports say that North Carolina just recorded the highest single day Covid-19 cases its had in the last 2 weeks. According to “The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported 1,972 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, the highest […]