Kanye West and his presidential campaign has been the topic for a few months now. All sorts of allegations and rumors have been swirling around his campaign and who’s actually funding him. Well, he sat down with Nick Cannon and answered the question of whether or not republicans are paying for him to run and […]


Senate Democrats plan to hold a marathon 24-hour session leading up to the vote of Education Secretary nominee, Betsy DeVos.


Where is the Democratic opposition to President Trump and Republicans in Washington?


Rev. William Barber discusses the power and importance of Fusion Politics.

Ohio Senator Nina Turner talked with Rickey Smiley and Special K about the election results and what it means for how we should be organizing our communities in the next couple of years. She explains why she thinks people rejected the Democratic nominee in this election. “Having the better candidate… people can’t eat that,” she […]


It's never a good idea to post or share anything online featuring an image of someone in blackface.


The tennis great's decision comes right before the start of the Olympic Games, where she will be representing the U.S.

GOP leaders also shuttered C-SPAN's live coverage of the protest, but that did not stop policy makers from tweeting and posting live feeds on Facebook and Periscope to disseminate their cause.


Banner explained why he doesn't trust Republicans or Democrats saying, "You have the Left Wing and the Right Wing, but they're part of the same bird and the same system."