We hate to poke fun at someone’s pain but some of these “MAGA” supporters are getting slightly out of hand with their responses to Joe Biden’s inauguration (in our opinion). It’s one thing to want your particular political party to win but a whole other thing when you have a full on break down when […]

Joe Biden is coming up on his Inauguration January 20th and while the country is ready to move on Donald Trump is still being salty. He’s made claims on social media that he will NOT be at the Inauguration. We’re sure most people don’t care one way or the other and Joe Biden clearly isn’t […]

Donald Trump has been going through it these last few days (lol) from getting his Twitter and Facebook suspended, to losing his fight to stop the election of Joe Biden, to possibly getting impeached (again). As if all that isn’t enough now, he has an arrest warrant issued in Iraq. Yup! Your man is wanted […]

All eyes have been on Washington DC today since the riots began. Trump “supporters” stormed the capitol building early and since then the National Guard has been deployed. Prior to the National Guard both Donald Trump and President-Elect Joe Biden addressed the Trump supporters/rioters in DC. Peep their messages below: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJuAVn1hAUe/ The mayor of DC […]

Washington DC is in complete pandemonium right now. Trump “supporters” aka terrorists are storming the nation’s capital building. It’s crazy to see. They have been climbing the building, storming the house floor and more. Local law enforcement have been calling for additional police force. We’re keeping our eye on what’s happening. Check out the latest […]

 Donald Trump  doesn’t want the votes counted? That’s what it seems as we caught wind that the president is suing Michigan to essentially stop counting votes, as well as in Pennsylvania. Trump also wants a recount in Wisconsin. Yikes!! WCCB Charlotte is reporting: President Donald Trump’s campaign filed lawsuits Wednesday in Pennsylvania and Michigan, laying the groundwork for […]

Election Day is up and running a people are out voting in record breaking numbers. Celebs have been lending their voices and platforms to the cause as well. Below are just a few of the celebrities who got out and voted: Kim K: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHJFFp4AqG9/ Beyonce: Offset ran into a few issues while out voting: Viola […]

Covid-19 vaccinations has been the topic of discussion for the last few months and now the FDA has just approved a medication to treat it!! It just so happens to be the medication that was given to Donald Trump during his alleged bout with Covid-19 according to reports. The antiviral drug is called Remdisivir. More […]

Donald Trump had some very interesting words in regards to the next round of stimulus checks. People have been waiting for another round of checks for a few months now but, it looks like Trump is stopping negotiations on a new economic relief bill. According to reports he’s not focusing on it until after elections. […]

Kanye West and his presidential campaign has been the topic for a few months now. All sorts of allegations and rumors have been swirling around his campaign and who’s actually funding him. Well, he sat down with Nick Cannon and answered the question of whether or not republicans are paying for him to run and […]