ICMYI: CMPD Unveils New Strategy For Protestors Gov. Pat McCrory conceded his defeat to state Attorney General Roy Cooper in a two-minute video. McCrory said his team will assist in the transition. McCrory, former mayor of Charlotte, ended the video with plans to develop a financial plan to address the recent hurricane and wildfire. He […]

A Salisbury man walked into a popular Washington, D.C. pizzeria, pointed an assault rifle at an employee and claimed that he was investigating “pizza gate,” a conspiracy theory related to former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the Washington Post reported. The incident at the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant sent employees and patrons fleeing to […]


Many are apprehensive of the future amid rising hate crimes reported since early November.


President-elect Donald Trump received minimal support from minority voters, according to a new study conducted by Reuters.

They sat at tables, laid on the floor and lined the walls at Johnson C Smith University’s Grimes Lounge. They were Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, young and old, pierced, tattooed, gender neutral, men and women and every other representation of Charlotte’s varied population. All were anxious to share their fears and action plans after President-elect […]


The day after Tuesday's election, a seemingly record number of racial incidents were captured by social media users.

Reid weaves in and out of personal narrative to express his contempt for Trump and his rhetoric that has severely frightened a majority of minorities, including African-Americans, the LGBT community, Muslims, Mexicans and women.

Charlotte joined other cities, but on a much smaller scale, staging protests against President-elect Donald Trump’s victory on Wednesday night. Charlotte Uprising organized the march, urging supporters to gather at Marshall Park at 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday. According WSOC, about 30 marchers left Marshall Park and headed Uptown to the EpiCenter and Transit Center before […]


Donald Trump wins, but we will never lose.

Despite calls for unity from President Obama, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and President-elect Donald Trump, protestors gathered in Washington, New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere to protest Trump’s election. Here’s Why Hillary Clinton Wore Purple Protest locations from Trump Tower in Chicago and New York to American University and other college campuses. Want the latest […]