The White House is extending the pandemic-era moratorium on student loan payments by another 90 days. President Biden announced Wednesday that the extension will run through May 1st, allowing borrowers to skip payments without accruing interest. Biden said that millions of Americans “are still coping with the impacts of the pandemic and need some more […]

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released updated guidelines on Tuesday saying fully vaccinated Americans do not need face masks anymore unless they are in a large crowd. The CDC’s new “interim public health recommendations” details activities fully vaccinated can resume. Walking, running, hiking or biking outdoors alone or with members of their household […]

We hate to poke fun at someone’s pain but some of these “MAGA” supporters are getting slightly out of hand with their responses to Joe Biden’s inauguration (in our opinion). It’s one thing to want your particular political party to win but a whole other thing when you have a full on break down when […]

Joe Biden is coming up on his Inauguration January 20th and while the country is ready to move on Donald Trump is still being salty. He’s made claims on social media that he will NOT be at the Inauguration. We’re sure most people don’t care one way or the other and Joe Biden clearly isn’t […]

All eyes have been on Washington DC today since the riots began. Trump “supporters” stormed the capitol building early and since then the National Guard has been deployed. Prior to the National Guard both Donald Trump and President-Elect Joe Biden addressed the Trump supporters/rioters in DC. Peep their messages below: The mayor of DC […]

 Donald Trump  doesn’t want the votes counted? That’s what it seems as we caught wind that the president is suing Michigan to essentially stop counting votes, as well as in Pennsylvania. Trump also wants a recount in Wisconsin. Yikes!! WCCB Charlotte is reporting: President Donald Trump’s campaign filed lawsuits Wednesday in Pennsylvania and Michigan, laying the groundwork for […]

Election Day is up and running a people are out voting in record breaking numbers. Celebs have been lending their voices and platforms to the cause as well. Below are just a few of the celebrities who got out and voted: Kim K: Beyonce: Offset ran into a few issues while out voting: Viola […]

According to reports Da Baby is definitely making it clear on who he’s voting for come November. While folks are arguing over who’s the better presidential candidate, Da Baby has given Kanye West his stamp of approval. He’s jumped on social media to let the world know too. Check out his tweet (and delete) below […]

Shonda Rhimes couldn’t write a juicier story than this. According to Page Six, the widow of Joe Biden’s late son, Beau Biden, has started a romantic relationship with Beau’s brother, Hunter Biden, the former Vice President’s younger son. Sources say that after Beau’s May 2015 death due to brain cancer, his wife Hallie was so […]

President Barack Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to outgoing Vice President Joe Biden during a surprise ceremony at the White House on Thursday. A teary-eyed Biden praised Obama, who said to know Biden is "to know love without pretense."