McDonalds is moving one of it’s most popular drink off it’s product list. This announcement has sent social media in an uproar. Seems to be many are not excited about the sugary orange drink. McDonalds plans to substitute the drink with a Sprite Tropical blend drink according to multiple sources. As if the uniforms weren’t […]

McDonald’s has joined in with their own version of a red holiday themed coffee cup like Starbucks. The only difference with McDonald’s holiday coffee cups is the image that they put on it. At a first glance some people might see white mittens, but others might see a female bending over with her hands on […]

Kanye West can't wrap his mind around the wonder that is the McDonald's french fry.

This year's ESSENCE Fest Weekend was one to remember. On July 2 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, McDonald's held an invite-only #BounceBrunch event, and we're still thinking about how lit it was.

Pusha T is one of those artists who is so laid back and cool, you sometimes forget how talented and influential he is in the music industry. Thank god for his hip-hop angels Kanye West and Pharrell, who have no problem speaking on his behalf, letting the world know about the prodigy that is King Push. This […]


Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is looking to expand her mark in the food and beverage industry. According to reports, Winfrey filed paperwork to trademark a new collection of bottled drinks and food. The line will feature coconut water, energy drinks, lemonade, and bottled water. Other products include spices, baked goods, dairy, meat, fish, preserved food […]

That act of kindness had a positive impact on the McDonald's employee.