Michael Jordan is hitting the fast lane and bringing some heavy hitters with him

Michael Jordan has been involved with NBA heavily since retirement.

Social Media is blowing up after Kemba Walker #Shaqtin play. Now for the not so understanding basketball fans #Shaqtin is some one doing one of those bone headed mistakes during the game usually self-inflected. In yesterdays events Kemba landed himself on the Shaqtin spot. Shooting a shot from the top of the three point line […]

The White House names 21 Presidential Medal of Freedom honorees. President Obama said these individuals are an inspiration to everyone.

Dwyane Wade may be one of LeBron James best friends, but even he believes that Bron will never be greater than Michael Jordan. The conversation about James possibly being one of the best players ever started after he won the 2016 NBA Finals. In the final three games vs. the Warriors, James averaged 36 points, […]


Conversations about race are awkward for most people. But at a certain point, confrontation is the only tool left at our disposal. Martin Luther King is remembered for his non-violent approach to activism, but even Dr. King developed a more militant mindset as he saw the nature of the beast he was up against. So […]

Lil Uzi Vert's feeling like Jordan this morning.

Months ago, a video surfaced on Twitter of a man named Jeffrey Harrison playing a game a pick-up basketball. He wore the entire 1990s Chicago Bulls getup and it instantly went viral.

An old teammate, who played with Michael at UNC and during the 1984 Olympic games, reveals even one of the most talented players of all time gets emotional, too.

Michael Jordan is trying to make up for the years people said he's done nothing for the African-American community.