The Kansas City Police Commissioner Board was not ready for Keiajah Gabbrell. She pulled up on their public meeting and decided to read the whole board. Kansas City, like other cities across America has been riddled with corrupt cops, police brutality and racial injustice. During the meeting citizens are given a few minutes to share […]

Devastating news out of Minneapolis; four officers were seen on video using excessive force in the arrest of George floyd have now been arrested. The video that went viral recently shows an officer with his knee on the neck of a handcuffed George Floyd. George is seen in the video pleading that he couldn’t breathe […]

Seems like things aren’t going too well over with Chief Keef! Take a look for yourself.    


In ultra sad news during the holiday season Erica Garner daughter of a man who was strangled by police officers to his death was declared brain dead after after a massive heart attack. We are to assume after all the protesting and fighting for rights of her recent dad is where her heart attack came […]


Details on this situation is still sketchy we will let you guys watch the video for yourself!   It was later reported by Fox 29 in Philly that the nurse was released still uncertain what has happened to the officers in this case! We are pretty sure now eyebrows have been raised!

Seems to be Gates can not catch a break. With his music being what it is somewhat feels this is no surprise. Sadly Gates has faced back to back charges in different states. His assault charge in Florida after kicking a fan in the chest resulted of him being incarcerated. While under arrest Gates had […] Mark Jimmerson lost his life too soon and a family is left heartbroken. The 21-year-old, who was arrested in February 2016 on felony charges that included robbery with a dangerous weapon, was pronounced dead in an Oklahoma County jail cell on Saturday. Jimmerson suffered from asthma and had placed several calls to his mother, complaining about trouble […]


Vic Mensa had to deal with law enforcement once again, this time for gun possession. While riding through Beverly Hills, the Chicago rapper was pulled over for running a stop sign and having tinted windows, according to law enforcement sources. Once he was pulled over, sources say he told the officers that he had a […]