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Former President Barack Obama is getting his report card from an array of panelists for “Barack Obama Day” at Morehouse College. Playing off of President’s Day, a robust selection of speakers, panelists, and activists discuss Barack Obama and what his term means for Black people. Speakers include Vice President of news and men’s programming at Interactive One […]

A C-SPAN survey of 91 presidential historians ranked Obama as the 12th best U.S. president ever.

“927theblock-Subscribers It’s so hard to say goodbye! But we have to. WE are all going to miss the Obamas and the legacy they created for this country and Black families. It doesn’t matter how much the Republicans try to undue President Obama’s legislative policies, they can’t lessen his impact on Black America. The Obamas made […]

The "Trayvon Martin" speech was a watershed moment for President Obama. It proved to the Black community that he understood the plight faced by young Black men in America.

I didn’t know what I stepped into that year that I travelled to Columbia to see then Sen. Barack Obama speak at William Brice Stadium. I just knew I had to be there. Oprah was bringing him to the Carolinas so he must be someone special. After nearly a decade, I don’t remember his speech. […]

"I'm not singing for Donald Trump; I'm singing to welcome the people of America."

The First Family's 4-year-old dog Sunny had a bad day earlier this week.

Sasha Obama was noticeably absent from her father's farewell address last night in Chicago.

Our 44th President Barack Obama has embodied change & strong advancement of our country during his two terms. Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone Before Obama leaves office, we had to acknowledge & highlight some of his greatest accomplishments as our country’s leader over the years. 44. Rescued the economy from the great recession 43. […]