The singer was previously sentenced to 30 years in prison after a sex crimes conviction last fall.

  This is really the least of the disgraced R&B singer’s issues… But the City Of Baton Rouge is taking back the Key to the City that they gifted R. Kelly siting his latest legal issues. The culture is really torn between separating the Man from the music. But most seem to be leaning towards […]

R. Kelly has had an interesting week in jail. According to reports, supporters gathered in front of the jail to protest for R. Kelly’s freedom. In return, the authorities at the jail decided to put the jail on shut down due to the protesters. Well, this didn’t actually help R. Kelly. Reports say he was […] The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews Is it time for Jay-Z to speak on his past with R. Kelly? Jigga recorded not one but two albums with the embattled R&B singer. Even then it didn’t come without controversy, and no we are not talking about the issues between the two superstars. Some wondered why […]

With the loss of support from past collaborators in the wake of the Lifetime docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, the R&B singer is now potentially without a record label to push new music. According to sources, RCA/Sony is putting new music from R. Kelly on hold while pending criminal investigations are looming. TMZ reports: Sources familiar […]

  With the release of the 6 part Lifetime docu-series, “Surviving R. Kelly, we learned that Kells allegedly would have multiple suspected-to-be-underage women in the Chicago studio where he would make his hit records. Now reports are saying that the infamous Chicago studio is up for sale. That revelation came about after this tweet was posted: […]

"I ain’t judging, but I’m just saying that [they] shouldn’t have let it go that far.”

The first part of Lifetime’s six-part Surviving R. Kelly docu-series already has people reeling, as they continue to hear the stories about R. Kelly’s reported sexual, mental and physical abuse of various women over the years and from his victims who for the first time have come forward to speak about their experiences. While there was no […]