A Florida woman is accusing Michael Irvin of sexual assault after a night out at a bar.

The Chicago teenage girl in Facebook Live sexual assault is now getting harassed by neighborhood kids.


An unidentified woman accused the Bay area rapper of sexually assaulting her during an incident that reportedly took place on November 1.

Affleck's win legitimizes toxic masculinity and white privilege; further proving the Academy can only focus on undoing one layer of disenfranchisement at a time.

On Thursday, a federal judge in Massachusetts dismissed a defamation lawsuit brought against Bill Cosby by Sammy Davis Jr.'s former lover Katherine McKee.


There are new developments in the suicide death of aspiring actor Jay Bowdy.

After the rapper's attempt to appeal a jury's decision in the court case, new details have emerged.

A White high school football player sexually assaulted a mentally disabled Black teammate and goes unpunished. The prosecution withdrew the charges and accepted a guilty plea for a lesser charge.

Reid weaves in and out of personal narrative to express his contempt for Trump and his rhetoric that has severely frightened a majority of minorities, including African-Americans, the LGBT community, Muslims, Mexicans and women.

The first boy to publicly accuse Michael Jackson of pedophilia has gone missing.