I would say Diddy would win. But who is Diddy's One - Two Punch ?

Spilling tea is ALWAYS fun, especially when you get to do it on Good Day Charlotte waking the Queen City up! I had such a blast! The hot topics I chose were Usher and his wife calling it quits, how journalist, Soledad O’Brien has earned the name “Soledad the Savage”, Khloe bumping around West Hollywood […]

Joe Budden always has an opinion about trending news. When it came to the topic of Usher allegedly giving women herpes, the legendary hater let loose. On Complex’s Everyday Struggle, DJ Akademiks, his co-host, could barley set up the conversation. Just a mention of Usher and herpes, Budden quickly interrupted, “I’m just singing ‘let it […]

"Jane Doe" has yet to disclose if she is actually infected with the incurable STI, but she is seeking $10 million for negligence, battery and emotional distress.

It seems as if Usher and R. Kelly have broke the internet one being for an STD related issue and the other on a kidnap related incident. Which makes our mind wonder. If you had to choose one or the other which one would you want to be stuck with. Usher or R. Kelly?   […]

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A petition has been created to highlight Thomas' contributions in the museum.

Bobby Brown once called Usher his "mini-me," but legend has it, Usher does not tolerate the R&B OG's attempts to son him.

The concept behind Usher‘s hot new album, “Hard II Love,” is beautifully relatable. Its album cover goes beyond the commonly used gorgeous photo of the artist, and is actually representative of the album’s overarching message. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Usher explains why he choose to use a shot of the eroded face of a […]

Usher answered some of the tough questions while chatting about his new album, “Hard II Love.” In the “Game Of Rivals,” we made him choose between boxing and basketball, “The Jeffersons” and “Good Times,” and much more. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Check out the exclusive video above to hear what his answers were in […]