As we remember the life of Breonna Taylor and continue the fight for equality within the judicial system, it’s good to know that some politicians are doing what’s right. Breonna’s Law, which is said to do away with “no knock” warrants has been becoming a law in several states. One being Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam […]

Juneteenth is finally catching on with big companies. We’ve been celebrating this holiday for quite some time now but, finally major companies are recognizing it as an official holiday off from work as well. We’ve recently seen the news that Twitter and Square CEO has made Juneteenth an official company holiday, as well as Target […]


The room of Sally Hemings, a slave who had a long-term relationship with Thomas Jefferson, will be excavated at Monticello.


A Virginia judge sentenced five teens, convicted for spray-painting racial slurs on an abandoned building, to read books about diversity. Should the punishment for racial crimes be a trip to the library?

Richmond Virginia bars under fire for posting dress codes that some believe subtly targets Black people. It lists items stereotypically associated with African-American men.

As Hillary Clinton and her Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine make their last rounds before election day, Kaine sat down for an interview with Pusha T in the swing state of Florida. Pusha has been an advocate for Clinton for a few months and those who registered to vote were given a chance to meet […] Terry Wayne Millender and his wife Brenda have tons of explaining to do. The senior pastor at Victorious Life Church in Virginia and his wife were arrested earlier this week in an alleged congregation fraud scheme. According to reports, they are being accused of defrauding their Alexandria congregation out of more than $1 million. […]

The Ashburn Colored School, a historic remnant of education for Black Americans, was vandalized with racist, derogatory messages over the weekend in Northern Virginia.


In a historic move, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe issued an executive order restoring voting rights to more than 200,000 ex-felons who paid their debts to society, are no longer incarcerated, on probation, or on parole. Critics of Gov. McAuliffe claim the move was political and aimed at helping Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election. The Virginia Supreme Court […]