Celebrities are victims of body-shaming and harsh critiques just like the normal, average citizen, which can bring out insecurities and self-consciousness in even the strongest individuals. Allegedly Mariah Carey was so upset regarding the criticism about her weight, that she recently underwent weight-loss surgery. https://twitter.com/PageSix/status/927784203764338689 It’s being reported by Page Six that superstar Mariah Carey […]

Gucci Mane is the poster child for Transformation Tuesday. In a new interview with Vogue, the rapper spoke about his love for luxury brands, helped along by his new healthy lifestyle. He admitted that since cutting drugs out of his diet, he has lost 75 pounds, allowing him to enhance his personal style with more fitted […]

The photo shows a shockingly overweight Rob back in June 2015, compared to a photo of him from this month.

We picked out 10 celebrities who have been in good shape for so long, you may have forgotten they dropped some serious pounds back in the day.

Rob Kardashian has officially come out of his shell.