Vivica Fox shared her views on whether or not she finds Young Thug physically attractive and let’s just say her views weren’t nice. Well, according to her she didn’t mean her comments in a bad way. Peep the video on what Ms. Fox compared Young Thug to: Random question though: Could you date someone […]

Young Thug is one of hip-hop’s more flamboyant personalities, that we know. More often than not, the Atlanta rapper plays on both masculine fashion and what hip-hop considers to be masculine by wearing outlandish outfits and saying things that border on … well, you get the point. After all, Thugger did admit that he had […]

It looks like Young Thug and Gucci are at a war of words and hopefully it stays at words. Young Thug who is signed to 1017 records has been going back and forth with the head man himself Gucci Mane! Calling him a boy in a twitter response. Hopefully a diplomatic solution maybe resolved. Follow […]

Young Thug has been going through it ever since getting exposed last week by girlfriend, Jerrika Karlae, for cheating. The Atlanta rapper went so far as to threaten her online after she publicly declared that she was single. But despite his infidelity, Thug feels it’s a woman’s job to keep her man in line. On […]

It seems like Young Thug will be spending the next four days behind a jail cell. He was pulled over for having overly dark tints on his car. During the routine traffic stop Young Thug was found with 2.5 ounces of weed in a stash. Thugger is supposedly to be released by the weekend We […]

Young Thug‘s controversial (and sometimes inaudible) lyrics has gotten him in trouble once again — but probably not with someone he expected to have beef with. Last week, Thugger and Chance the Rapper released a new track called “Big B’s” in which Thug name dropped late rapper Pimp C, much to his wife’s dismay. He […]

The drama behind Young Thug‘s entire team is starting to publicly unravel. TMZ reports that Thug’s former personal manager, Manny Halley, has filed a $50 million defamation suit against David Weise & Associates. Halley, who has repped a bunch of stars including Keyshia Cole and Nicki Minaj, claims his reputation has been ruined by Thugga’s finance […]


Drake and Thugger welcomed special guest Travis Scott to the stage to perform "Goosebumps," "Pick Up The Phone," and "Antidote."

The limo company alleges it gave Young Thug "plenty of time to pay."