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'Straight Outta Compton' New York Screening

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

On Friday, Rami Malek will bring the story of Queen and their lead singer Freddie Mercury to life with the movie Bohemian Rhapsody.

The music biopic is set to explore the rise of the band during their peak decades in music. It’ll especially give focus to Mercury as he endures his ups and downs with the band, takes on an AIDS diagnosis and goes on to become a music icon well after his passing.

Based on the trailer alone, emotions are already running high for the flick and they should. Biopics remain one of the most epic genres since they tend to span an artist’s entire career. Watching the drama unfold onscreen can definitely make you reflect on your own life.

Just consider the classic music biopics we’ve come to know and love.

For some, anytime they watch What’s Love Got to Do with It, they BECOME Tina Turner. 

When Tina fought Ike in that car, we were with her.

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When Ike had the audacity to tell Anna Mae to “eat the cake,” we were right there with our tissue ready to wipe that cheap diner dessert off the Queen.

Not to mention, Tina’s final monologue to Ike should be memorized for any future self-motivation talk in the mirror.

Then there was Ray. 

How many of us have had to be a trailblazer in our circle, yet still deal with our many shortcomings?

When Ray Charles sang from the pits of his soul in spite of sanctified critics, we applauded.

When he got caught up in dope and a life of infidelity, we mourned.

And when he confessed his sins to his mom in a dream, we wept.

Another biopic that moved many was Straight Outta Compton. 

Released right around the same time police brutality was getting major attention, the 2015 movie reminded folks that the injustices of the law were nothing new. Songs like N.W.A.‘s “Fu** Tha Police,” which was very controversial back in 1988, now had new resonance in the years after Mike Brown, Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland.

If you weren’t whispering “fu** the police” in theaters while watching Straight Outta Compton…

I admire your control.

It’s amazing how music stars can seem so far away, yet a deeper delve into their life reveals they’re just as complex as we are.

Whether it be the streets of Compton or the rock stages of the 1960s, there has to be a biopic that you can relate to. Try out the quiz below to find out which music classic is lowkey about your life!

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