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A few days ago when pics of T.I.’s wife Tiny posing with Floyd Mayweather at Mariah Carey’s Halloween party surfaced, she tried to brush it off by saying she only posed for the group shot and kept it moving. But the streets are always a-watchin’ and now a video has surfaced of Tiny actually taking the time to bump and grind with the “All Lives Matter” champion at the Halloween bash.

Ever since the original picture surfaced both T.I. and his wife have been trading subliminal shade at each other on their social media accounts with Donald Trump’s homeboy chiming in with some salt of his own.

While T.I.’s been referring to people accepting responsibilities for their actions, Tiny’s been liking pictures that put Tip on blast. Floyd meanwhile has been doing what he always does, reminding the both of them about just how rich he is. So mature.

The bad blood between T.I. and Floyd Mayweather dates back to when the pair got into a altercation in Vegas a few years ago over the very same woman who’s caused this latest spat.

We can’t say who’s more in the wrong here but one thing’s for sure, no woman should ever be so receptive to her man’s enemy either in public or in private. Same goes for a man and his woman’s foe.

The only real question we have is what the hell was Floyd Mayweather supposed to be dressed as at that Halloween party?!

Check out all the drama below and on the flip and sound off on who you think is in the right here.


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