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Myah Jane Baes & Baddies

Happy New Year we’re happy to be back with our first Baes & Baddies entry of 2024, and this lovely lady is one of the rising stars in her respective lane right now. Myah Jane, who hails from Michigan, has a lovely and bubbly personality that will have folks hooked at first sight.

Information on Myah Jane is on the scant side but from what we’ve seen via her social media feeds, she’s a young woman who loves to show herself living life on her terms and having fun.

She also has a very active TikTok page and has a running series of food delivery pranks that you’ll have to check out for yourself. But what remains constant is her award-winning smile, fun-loving charm, and a figure that will turn heads in any season.

We also learned that Myah Jane is on a fitness journey, although she already looks quite delightful in her current form, but health is definitely wealth these days.

Check out our latest Baes & Baddies feature, Myah Jane, and make sure you follow her on everything.

Photo: Instagram/@myah.jane_

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