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Basketball Wives picks up right from the fall out of OG blowing up Kristen’s spot about Kristen and her husband not being real Scotts. Kristen calls her man to tell him how she’s going to beat up CeCe and OG (as if anyone is actually afraid of her). CeCe tells OG that she didn’t have to weaponize sensitive information that was revealed in private. Then CeCe starts crying and talking about how she didn’t mean for things to go this way. Trying to play innocent when this is probably what her inner thoughts look like: 

Shaunie, Malaysia, Evelyn, and Feby are just looking at OG like…

They really don’t like her anyway, so they’re making it a point to tell her how dead wrong she is, yatta yatta. But they’re also giving CeCe the side eye because she’s the one who put the battery in OG’s back by talking trash about Kristen and their family to her. Obviously, the family drama is deep. Malaysia probably didn’t really know what she was getting into bringing them on the show. You know how you have relatives that you’re cool with but you might not see or talk to that often, so you don’t always know what’s going on with them? That’s what this kind of seems like. So, bringing them on Basketball Wives might not have been such a good idea after all. No one wins when the family feuds. 

Sorry, couldn’t resist. 

Tami meets up with OG and Jackie another day and is on OG’s side. So, when Jackie is trying to explain what happened and how OG is wrong, Tami pushes back. This causes them to go back and forth, and Jackie gets really pissed when Tami calls her fake. Tami’s thing is that Jackie has been involved in lots of they petty mean girl stuff so why is she trying to chastise OG now? 

Later on, Tami kicks it with Jackie, Shaunie, and OG and once again, they talk about the drama. Now it’s Shaunie’s turn to tell OG how wrong she was and that she comes off as too aggressive sometimes. But wait, has Shaunie ever called any of the other wild cassowaries on this show aggressive? Tami used to bully newbies all the time and Shaunie would stand off to the side with that smirk on her face. Or how about Evelyn, running across tables to fight people? Did Shaunie ever chastise any of them? Anyway, OG owns up to being wrong about revealing that information, which she is, but she said she’s backing off and plans to work on herself. The good news is that Jackie and Tami work things out but Tami still doesn’t like how everyone has been treating OG so she’s going to have a brunch where everyone can come and discuss. Because that’s going to go well. 

Part of why Tami seems to have such a soft spot for OG is that she feels like OG is a target and that she can relate. In Tami’s mind, she has also been ganged up on and have had these women say mean things about her. Kind of true, but also kind of not. There have been mean things said about Tami by women she was beefing with at the moment, but no one ganged up on her (because they’re scared), and it’s not like Tami was ever innocent. Anyway, Tami starts the talk. We get to a point where Kristen and OG are going back and forth, as expected. 

Kristen says that OG felt the need to say what she said to be hurtful. That is true, but OG denies this. OG says she got the info from CeCe and Byron while at dinner with them and that Byron told her that people know this information (uh, yeah, close family) and that it would be totally fine if she ever had to pass that information on to anyone else. 

Anyway, Kristen asks OG why she has a problem with her. OG says she doesn’t have a problem with Kristen but that Kristen has a problem with her, and now everyone is either like wtf or just looking at her all kinds of sideways (or both). 

Neither Kristen nor OG is actually wrong. They respectively have a problem with each other. Anyway, Malaysia tells Cece that she felt that CeCe was talking trash about Kristen to OG so that OG would do what she did. CeCe denies this. Then Kristen asks CeCe how she would feel if Byon’s children didn’t show up to the wedding. CeCe says she doesn’t care. She only cares about Byron and this is the last time Kristen is going to see her. Yeah, this brunch wasn’t productive. So now Malaysia feels like she has to go to Byron himself. 

Malaysia confronts Byon and tells him everything that happened. He said he did give that information to CeCe and OG, but it’s not like it’s a secret secret, even though only a few select people know. Malaysia asks if he told OG to run back and tell everyone, which is not quite what OG said he said, but mmmkay. Anyway, he denies this. He also says he knows CeCe isn’t innocent in this, but that she was tired of getting attacked, which is valid. Then she asks about his beef with Kristen. He repeats that he’s mad at Kristen for making him look like a bad grandfather and that’s why he said what he said. Lordt. 

Messy. Boots. 

Nothing gets resolved this episode so come back next week for more. 


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