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Source: Jonathan Daniel / Getty

While we dare say the vast majority of people are taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously and staying inside and away from crowds, there are still too many headass individuals thinking sh*t is sweet out here. A couple of them are Dallas Cowboys stars Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott, who decided to have a party that ignored social distancing guidelines in Texas.

Dak and Zeke had a party at the latter’s crib in Prosper, TX, and it far exceeded the no more than 10 people max guidelines. So much for 6′ of space between people when the buffet is popping.

Reports TMZ:

The turn up went down Friday night at the Dallas Cowboys QB’s crib in Prosper, TX, and his star running back was there as a guest. We’re told it was a birthday party for one of Dak’s friends, and at the height of the bash, there were about 30 guests.

At one point, Zeke was seen posting up near a buffet catered by Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse in Dallas. Normally, ya couldn’t knock him for that … the grub looked delicious.

The issue is the TX Governor’s orders call for social distancing at all times, and no more than 10 people in a gathering.

The numbers don’t add up for Dak, who’s already getting heat for repeatedly blowing off social distancing for recent workouts with ex-Cowboy Dez Bryant.

The fact of the matter is this type of behavior will keep people confined at home that much longer.


And while he gets his workout on, the longer it takes to reign in COVID-19, the less likely the NFL season is to actually happen.


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