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Do you ever wonder if what you’re going through is normal? Or if the relationship questions you have are common? It’s common to feel like you’re alone, but many people go through similar experiences. People often turn to Google when they struggle to talk about their relationship issues. The research team at Anna Spanish took a look at the data to find the most burning love questions and then used Google search volume to determine which question was asked the most.

The study found that people are the busiest asking Google about how they can move on from a past relationship. The most googled question relationship question is “How to get over a breakup?” with over 1.6M average monthly searches worldwide. Breakups are never easy; it feels like pouring hot oil on your already burning heart. Unfortunately, the second most-googled question is “how to break up?”, with over 1.5M searches on average each month.

Saying “I love you” to your partner for the first time can be both exciting and scary, no matter how you feel about it. “When to say I love you?” takes the 3rd spot, with over 327K searches worldwide, as many people are asking Google about the best time to say these three beautiful worlds to their partner.

Whether you’ve just broken up or are feeling lonely, casual dating can bring some excitement back into your life. So it’s no surprise to see the question “best dating apps?” make the top 10, with over 124K searches worldwide. There were also some interesting ones that made the top 15, such as “How to get out of a toxic relationship?” and “What is a poly relationship?”.
Here are the top most-googled 15 questions (with average monthly searches in parenthesis):
  1. How to get over a breakup? (1,690,440)
  2. How to break up? (1,506,520)
  3. When to say “I love you?” (327,600)
  4. How to make long-distance relationships work? (166,260)
  5. How to know when your relationship is over? (161,670)
  6. How to kiss? (158,490)
  7. How to save your relationship? (144,010)
  8. How to build trust in a relationship? (135,920)
  9. Best dating apps? (124,360)
  10. What is ghosting? (114,110)
  11. What is a poly relationship? (92,530)
  12. Is my girlfriend and boyfriend cheating on me? (63,270)
  13. What is an open relationship? (54,630)
  14. How to get out of a toxic relationship? (49,840)
  15. How can I tell if he or she is the one? (48,730)

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