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Honey bee collecting pollen and nectar from yellow flowers on a sunny spring day

Source: yalcinsonat1 / Getty

This year, pollen levels are expected to rise significantly. According to WCCB, Dr. Khiani advises individuals to begin their usual regimen, including eyedrops, nasal sprays, and antihistamines, if they haven’t already. Minimizing exposure is crucial, as allergens can exacerbate symptoms.

Engaging in outdoor activities later in the day and thoroughly washing oneself and clothing afterward can help reduce exposure. Staying hydrated is also important. While Wednesday’s rainfall and cooler temperatures may temporarily alleviate pollen levels, allergies are expected to intensify as spring approaches.

March and April are typically the windiest months in the Carolinas, facilitating the spread of pollen particles. According to Dr. Khiani, pollen grains can travel up to a mile from their source.

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