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Black-Owned Perfume Brands

Source: Courtesy Of Brand / Courtesy of Brand

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Are you a leather, citrisy, or vanilla kinda girl? Your favorite fragrance speaks volumes about your personality. With hundreds of perfumes on the market, layering and mixing scents is a fun practice many women enjoy. Nothing feels better than walking into a space and leaving a trail that lingers or the delight from a simple compliment, “You smell good.”

Choosing a lasting scent begins with understanding the composition and family of fragrances. While top notes immediately pop out to the olfactory scent, beauty journalist and Smell Ya Later co-host Sable Yong, is it the bottom layer that engages with your skin for optimal performance.

“The bottom notes are going to stick around the longest on your skin, while the top notes often are the quickest to fade, and the middle notes—sometimes called heart—tend to influence both,” Yong told Vogue.

Because perfumes have so many layers, they present differently as they dry. Like Beyoncé’s Ce Noir top note clementine that greets your nose before exuding sweet honey. “It’s important to note that a fragrance will present itself differently over time when applied directly to the skin rather than spritzed onto clothing,” Yong added. “You’re more likely to experience the “tiered reveal” of a fragrance if you only apply on the edges of your wrist or collarbone, whereas you’ll be able to smell the whole composition for longer if it’s also added to fabric.”

The beauty of being your own chemist means mixing and matching scents based on your personal preference. And the best way to find your signature scent is to try different fragrances and see how they respond to your body chemistry.

Bee Shapiro, New York Times columnist and the founder of Ellis Brooklyn told InStyle, “When you spray on the scent, it should feel not only that this scent is who you are, but who you want to be.”

Black Women In Fragrance

Black women are spreading their wings in the fragrance market, claiming their stake in a space dominated by white fashion brands. Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jackie Aina and more are leading the path for Black perfume brands to thrive in the luxury market.

“Although I knew little about this industry, I decided to shakes sh*t up — paving my own lane with MOODEAUX for beauty lovers who crave differently,” Moodeaux founder Brianna Arps, told Essence, about filling a void in the perfume world.

Here are five fragrances, created by Black women, to inspire your next perfume purchase based on your personality.

For The “It” Girl

Forvr Mood - I Am Her Eau De Parfum

Source: Courtesy Of Brand /

“It” girls rejoiced when beauty influencer and businesswoman Jackie Aina announced the expansion of her Forvr Mood brand to incorporate fragrances. Aina is a beloved and trusted figure in the beauty world so when she drops a product, the girls drop their coin. Aina’s clean and glamorous aesthetic comes through in the shape and diamond design of her I Am Her bottle. With mouth-watering notes of red velvet, pear, and raspberry, this scent is being marketed as a delicious treat for your fragrance collection and display.

According to the TikTok girlies, I Am Her is comparable to Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid. The price point, for the 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum, is 79.99 making it feel luxurious on a budget. Aina described the scent, in a promo video, as effortless, alluring, confident, and approachable.

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For The Diva

Beyonce Ce Noir Parfume

Source: Courtesy Of Brand /

Points in Beyonce, she ain’t no divaaa.

Channel your inner “Alien Superstar” in Béyonce’s Cé Noir Parfum. Béyonce is on top of the world and the charts right now with her Cowboy Carter album projected to top the Billboard 100. The perfect compliment to cowboy core is a scent that evokes muva’s energy. Cé Noir, which means I’m Black in French, was released during her Renaissance era. Like all things Béyonce does, it is a nod to her Blackness and a marker in time reflecting the cultural significance of her Renaissance album.

Cé Noir will be a crown jewel on your dresser thanks to its chrome and mirrored bottle. Allure described the fragrance as a flowery, citrusy, sweet, and tart scent “with a bouquet of roses just lingering in the background.” As Cé Noir warms, the honey shines through. “The honey note is what stood out to my nose. It’s sweet, but not cloying. It’s like actual honey in that it adds flavor — as it would to your tea — to the overall scent.”

Cé Noir is on the pricier end, coming in at $160, and is only available on Beyoncé’s website, making it even more expensive when you add in the shipping rate. But if you’re part of the Beyhive, there’s no amount of coin you wouldn’t spend to have a part of Beyoncé history in your possession.

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For The Boss Babe

Rhanna’s Fenty Eau De Parfum has become a fan-favorite thanks to its luxurious amber bottle, lasting power and sillage. On the luxury end, Fenty is a standout scent for the boss babe who wants to leave a lasting impression. It’s a recognizable fragrance that automatically establishes Ri Ri’s magnetizing energy.

Fenty was our 2023 Melanin Awards best fragrance winner. According to Joce Blake’s review, “When you find a perfume that makes you feel confident and put-together, it can be a game-changer.” The luxurious scent has keynotes that include magnolia, musk, and Bulgarian rose. “This curated combination results in a one-of-a-kind scent that unfolds uniquely on each wearer, embodying a fragrance that is all heart and pure soul.”

You get your money’s worth for $140.

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For The Daring Queen


Brown Girl Jane Dare Cherry Stilletto Eau De Parfum

Source: Courtesy Of Brand /

With a name like DARE, this BrownGirlJane scent is as alluring as its moniker. This BrownGirlJane in Dare aka Cherry Stiletto, is an intoxicating scent with “an irresistible blend of juicy Cuban cherry and exotic lychee, before caressing you with a bouquet of peony, rose, and sakura.”

Packaged in a pretty blush pink bottle, “DARE is formulated to stir feelings of passion and intimacy,” the website reads. At $102, the BrownGirlJane’s fragrance is sexy, sophisticated, and luxurious without breaking the bank.

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The The Girl Who Loves Affirmations

Moodeaux -Worthy

Source: Courtesy Of Brand /

Described as a “hug in a bottle,” Moodeaux’s beloved scent “Worthy” was Essence’s 2023 Best In Black Beauty Award winner thanks to its desirable scent and affirming message in a bottle. “Worthy” is a daily reminder to feel your best at all times. For Created by Brianna Arps, the founder describes the clean fragrance as a “sophisticated signature scent that reminds us how powerful we truly are,” to Essence.

At $98, consider splurging on “Worthy” as a form of self-care.

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