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Lucky Daye interview with Olympia D

Source: Digtial / Radio One

Lucky Daye returned to the music scene with his latest single, “That’s You,” in November 2023. Bringing good vibes and energy into the studio, he was excited to chat with Olympia D about his upcoming album, slated for release on April 19.

Talking with Olympia, Lucky spilled the details on “HERicane,” the long-awaited follow-up to his chart-topping albums “Painted” (2020) and “Candy Drip” (2022). But this one? This one was his baby, his passion project.

He shared the story behind his latest musical endeavor and set the tone for what to expect.

“People forgot what R&B was from the beginning, so I wanted to put all the R&B’s on like the whole album, and it’s just moments of R&B,” He said. “Like all of it, even the ones you forgot. And the thing about it is everything is R&B, like people just stuck on what they evolved into.”

The New Orleans native comes from a city of a class of legendary rappers, like Master P, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, but Lucky chose another lane. Coming out of NOLA, he said he tried rapping, but R&B was more fitting.

“I think I was always a singer but also a lyricist. I’ve tried rapping. I just never liked my voice.”

He is a unique vocalist, self-proclaiming himself as one of the best male R&B artists. He believes there’s too much of the same; nobody is separating themselves. He gave a nod to Beyonce for stepping out of the box with her latest country project. 

“Nobody wanna test the waters. Me and Beyoncé is people like that that keep the doors open for people like me to be able to go and test that water and people can’t judge it”

The singer/songwriter is looking to bring in new fans of all types with this album. He also mentioned is going on the road after the release. So we can expect a tour from the Mr. Daye.

Check out the interview below:

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