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While the Hip-Hop world awaits Kendrick Lamar’s response to Drake’s last few diss tracks, Kanye West has inserted himself into the battle by throwing an arrow at the King of the North on Future’s “Like That” remix. Interestingly enough, Ye also took issue with J. Cole for removing himself from the drama and apologizing for even participating.

During a recent interview with Justin Laboy on The Download podcast, Justin mentioned J. Cole’s now- famous apology to Kendrick Lamar for clapping back at him on “7 Minute Drill” which caused Kanye to immediately respond by saying, “F*ck all that p*ssy sh*t.” A visibly surprised LaBoy didn’t expect such a blunt response, but that didn’t stop Kanye from going further into the subject saying, “F*ck all that sh*t man because it’s like that ni**a J. Cole went on tour with Drake. He know what it is. It’s like, ni**a, you can’t run now, it’s you also.”

Obviously, Kanye has a bone to pick with J. Cole, and he confirmed as much when he pointed out that his issue with the MC from NC stems from J. Cole’s cut “False Prophets” which Ye mistakenly called “False Idols” and said, “somebody told me it’s halfway about me.” Because of that Kanye says he doesn’t listen to J. Cole. Apparently, Cole is on Kanye’s sh*t list and now we know how he got there.

While J. Cole might’ve thrown some subliminals towards Kanye on “False Prophets” in 2016, we don’t know if this 2024 apologetic J. Cole will have some shots in the chamber for Yeezus; Kanye is seemingly ready for that smoke.

That being said, we’re almost sure Drake will take some time to acknowledge Kanye’s shots at him on the “Like That” remix in a bar or two on some verse in the near future. We just hope he doesn’t use an AI version of Jay-Z or someone else on it as well.

Also, during the interview, Kanye West said he’d like to have a threesome with Michelle Obama…but that’s neither here nor there.

What do y’all think about Kanye West taking shots at J. Cole for bowing out of the battle with Kendrick Lamar? Let us know in the comments section below.

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