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America’s history of race relations has not been a very good one. Back when slavery was legal, and even when it wasn’t legal, lynchings were common. What most people understand about lynching is that it happened to black people that lived in the South. Some might also know that society saw lynchings as public spectacles and had no qualms dressing up their family, which included children, to attend the event. Occasionally, these lynchings would end in pictures with the crowd looking into the camera and a recently mutilated black person hanging from a tree.

Another factoid about lynchings is that the crowd often took “souvenirs” to remember the event. Ears, fingers, and even genitals, were all fair game. It wasn’t enough that a black person died in one of the most violent ways known to man. Folks needed a keepsake too. Recently, George Zimmerman offered a “keepsake” of his own for sale when he sold the gun used to kill Trayvon Martin for over $138,000.

“It took three tries, but George Zimmerman has reportedly sold the gun he used to shoot and kill Trayvon Martin. After two auction sites delisted the gun due to an overwhelming number of fake bids and hoaxes, the gun sold for over $138,900 Wednesday at noon.

The Orlando Sentinel reported the winning bid came from a user by the name of John Smith who said he lived in Alabama.”

Zimmerman spoke out, via written statement, after the sale. “First and foremost, I would like to thank and give the glory to God for a successful auction that has raised funds for several worthy causes.”

SOURCE: Complex, Orlando Sentinel | PHOTO: Twitter



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