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Apple Has A Folding iPhone Protoype According To Multiple Reports

Source: Apple / iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini

Many Apple enthusiasts called Samsung’s foldable smartphones a gimmick. A new report has surfaced hinting that the company that Jobs built is also getting in on the folding smartphone wave.

Economic’s Daily News first reported that Apple has a “folding prototype” Now, Bloomberg follows that up with a report stating that the company is prototyping folding screens and hopes to develop a phone with a “mostly invisible hinge.” According to the reports, Apple’s foldable device will open up to the size of an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and there are several different sizes being considered.

If this is indeed the case, Apple will be late to the foldable phone party that big tech companies like Samsung with its Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip, Motorola with its Razr reboot, LG and Huawei Technologies Co have already started. But with the popularity Apple has with its customers, we won’t be shocked if the foldable iPhone becomes an instant hit with those loyal to the brand when it is finally announced.

But, again, the phone hasn’t even left the prototype phase, so there is still a ways to go, and Apple is still currently looking at it’s next iPhone model, which the report indicates will only have “minimal updates,” so basically expect another S version of the version the iPhone this year.

Plus, COVID-19 has thrown a monkey wrench into Apple’s plans for making the phones due to the company having to stagger the workload and limit the number of workdays for Apple engineers to keep them safe. Most of the work is being shipped overseas to Apple engineers in China.

We are intrigued to see this foldable Apple iPhone.

Photo: Apple / iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini

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