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Source: @lilyachty / Instagram

There was a time back in the day where whenever rappers had dental issues going on they’d spend stacks of paper on diamond encrusted grills instead of braces to cover-up overbites, underbites or whatever struggle they had going on in their mouths.

But these days rappers are smartening up and instead of dropping grips on iced out grills, they’re just getting their regular grills remade and reconstructed. After the likes of Plies and Rick Ross done went and got themselves some new pearly whites, Lil Yachty has decided to put down the icy mouthguard and get himself some new and improved chompers.

Taking to IG to show off his shiny new pearly smile, Yachty had no issues with filling in the world on the fact he had his teeth done, and also how much he spent on brand new set of veneers: $80,000.

That’s a pretty damn good investment in one’s self. In a followup video Yachty gleefully stated that he would not stop smiling for a minute and even said “I got to get a clear mask so they can see the muthaf*ckin’ teeth.”

Once the pandemic is over don’t be surprised if you see Lil Yachty going to ALL the comedy shows around town, b. Just sayin.’

Though Yachty didn’t have the struggle grill that would lead one to get their teeth done, we can’t blame him for doing a little self-improvement with his money. Whatever makes him happy, we’re glad for him.

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