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Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Tory Lanez is once again out there stirring up trouble but at least this time his alleged victim was able to walk away with from the incident with their toes in tact.

TMZ is reporting that the Toronto artist got into a scuffle with Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast member, Prince Michael Harty, which ended up with Harty getting paws put on him. Apparently the two had been beefing for quite some time but things got outta hand this past Monday night at Vendome on South Beach when Tory snuck Harty on his left while he was sitting at his table.

Prince told cops he turned around and made eye contact with Tory, who ran out of the club and took off in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. Tory is named in the police report as a suspect for an alleged battery.

Though it wasn’t anything close to being a one hitter quitter, the punch was enough to leave PMH with a swollen left cheek.

Prince says that he was kicking it with NFL star, Malcolm Butler at the club and though Tory was ice grilling him, it wasn’t until Butler bounced that Tory Lanez pounced on the reality TV star. Harty says the punched left him with a “massive headache” and swollen cheek. Naturally Tory denies the allegation and through a rep refutes Harty’s side of the story.

“A rep for Tory tells TMZ … Lanez was nowhere near Prince at the time he alleges and the guy’s “obsessed” with Tory. Even further, the rep says there are no witnesses or footage to back up Prince’s claim — ’cause, again, Tory says it didn’t happen …”

This isn’t the first encounter between the two as Lanez attempted a similar fade back in 2019 at club LIV in Miami. Harty is already suing him over that altercation. Why Lanez would double down on something like that is beyond us, but we all know that when that liquid courage begins circulating through your body, allegedly, all logic goes right out the window.

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