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Source: Jora Frantzis / Jora Frantzis

Lizzo took the Hip Hop community by storm scooping up awards everywhere she goes.  Lizzo may not look like what the industry has tried to force feed the world for years with a perfect 10 over everything that nine times out of ten will be a one hit wonder.  Lizzo proud of who she is in every aspect has never let what some call perfect define her.  However no matter how strong a person is sometimes people and their hateful BS can get to you and although Lizzo is a wonder women in Hip Hop at the end of the day she is still a human being with feelings.

Lizzo cleansed her soul through tears in a live video as she addressed the hateful comments from haters about her first single released in two years, titled ‘Rumors‘ featuring our wish list collaboration of Lizzo and Cardi B.  Instead of people being pumped, folks took the opportunity to act like crabs in a barrel with their fat-shaming, racism and accusations of Lizzo catering to a white audience.

Honey Love goes platinum and y’all ass come around, But y’all don’t wanna raise the roof, Until my sh## is going down

It’s terrible that we do turn on our own, thinking that because they are celebrities that don’t have feelings.  Remember the great Whitney Houston no matter what story you read about her or documentary you watch the one story that stays constant in all is that when she was boo’d at The Soul Train awards it hurt her to her core, a pain that she never got over nor recovered.

Take a listen to Lizzo in her live video below

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