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Following his stunning Election Day defeat in a year when Republicans won big, GOP Governor Pat McCrory demanded a recount, claiming he lost because of technical glitches and or rampant fraud in African American voting districts.

With only 10 percent of votes left to be counted, Democratic competitor Roy Cooper’s lead grew by 10,000 votes, forcing McCrory to concede the election on Monday.

On Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin, and Rep. Larry Hall, Democratic leader of the North Carolina House of Representatives, discussed McCrory’s concession, his attacks against the Republican-led election board in North Carolina, and the threat that still exists against Democrats as Republicans try to retain control.

Rep. Hall told Martin, “It is amazing that Governor McCrory appointed every one of these elections board members himself personally across North Carolina and for him to come back now and cast dispersions on their integrity, his fellow party members as well, is just the height of hypocrisy.”

While Durham County lost $40,000 conducting the recount, Hall said McCrory used the opportunity to “raise millions of dollars that they can use for other purposes.

“They claimed they were going to have a recount––they don’t qualify for a state-sponsored recount––they raised the money, now they say, ‘Now that we’ve raised the money, we’ll go ahead [and] take the money and finally accept defeat,’” Hall said.

As for the Republicans attempting to pack the North Carolina State Supreme Court, Rep. Hall explained the special session of the General Assembly is scheduled for December 13th. The meeting is supposed to only focus on flood recovery, but there is a threat that the outgoing Governor will appoint two new Supreme Court justices “that would give an unfair advantage” to state Republicans going forward into the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Watch Roland Martin and Rep. Larry Hall discuss Gov. McCrory conceding the gubernatorial election and the new danger facing the people of North Carolina in the video clip above.

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