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Damn, Jermaine.

Jay Z’s shooter turned out to be J. Cole. And Kanye West was right to be scared.

Cole ethered Kanye over the weekend with, “False Prophets,” a poignant reflection on the trappings of fame that blatantly describes West’s recent fall from grace.

Cole also sent some painfully obvious subliminal lines at another friend in the game who is too neurotic to relax and enjoy his success. It didn’t take Jerry Seinfeld to recognize Wale in his words.

But back to the topic, Cole just slayed the mad King. So what does that make him? Is he now our talented but tainted “king slayer,” like Jaime Lanister from “Game Of Thrones?”

If so, the Roc dynasty’s riches will continue reigning for now. But Cole will always be reminded of how he got The Throne: By beheading a beloved King of the people when he was at his most vulnerable.

“When your idols become your rivals, you make friends with Mike but gotta A.I. em for your survival.” – Drake

This also feels like Allen Iverson J’ing and aging Michael Jordan in ’96. I wonder if Hov even had to make the call to his young shooter? Or did Cole just nut up and take the shot like Swaggy P last week?

Whether this was a Judas/Brutus-type betrayal or a natural shift in the game’s food chain, it feels like the official beginning of a new era. We may never know the full story of when or why Cole decided to turn on his Yeezus. But there’s one thing we can say for sure: It’s time to kill our idols.

Now wait, don’t go Mark David Chapman or anything. But do follow Cole’s example and deconstruct the dreams your favorites have been selling you all your life.

From Donald Trump to Beyoncé, the cult personalities who inform American identity politics need to be removed from their pedestals of influence immediately. If not, fans will have no choice but to assassinate their character. And it can get as brutal as it just got with Cole and ‘Ye.

J. Cole just killed Hip Hop’s last standing millennial idol. Does he take the crown for himself? Or throw it to the people?

It’s hard to believe that Cole fully rejects the American Idol mentality. He spent a good part of his life pursuing it. But that’s exactly why we all need to believe him and purge the false prophets from our lives.

The guy who made it to the top of the mountain top is shouting for everyone to turn back. With social media serving as everyone’s personal paparazzi, is there even enough time to turn around?

Society’s toxic relationship with fame is what gives us Instagram models and Facebook super fans. Many full grown adults still have some musician, celebrity or athlete they idolize irrationally. A favorite they will always support financially, excuse emotional and even try to emulate in their personal lives.

And just as many project the insanity inward and begin thinking they are famous. That they are invincible super heroes themselves. Because they so closely identify with their favorite super star.

There will inevitably be a day when our heroes lets us down.

Kanye let an entire generation of listeners down with his recent support of Trump. Not to mention all of his other post-Yeezus shenanigans. And Trump’s loyal voters will experience the same let down when they realize The Donald never had any intention of saving them.

Ironically, Cole became an overnight idol to some young fans following the release of “False Prophets.” But if he is truly worthy of the crown, he will push it away and call for a new order.

There is no king of Hip Hop anymore. In truth, there never was.

The culture is not an isolated kingdom hidden in the hills of the pop culture world. It doesn’t need to be ruled by one leader.

Hip Hop is the driving force of American culture. It’s always been diverse and rich enough to properly honor all of its royalty.

So Drake can rule the airwaves while Meek rules the streets. Kendrick and Cole have proven they are responsible holders of our consciousness. And Wale and Chance can be trusted to lift and push our spirits. But whether you turn up to Future, Thugger or D.R.A.M., we need them all.

As much as we love a good competition, cooperation is what creates dynasties. You can be mad at Kevin Durant for joining the Warriors, but you’ll forgive him in May and June when we’re watching some of the best super teams we’ve ever seen clash for a ring. Instead of watching Russel Westbrook stuff the stat book in vain.

It’s time we adopted a bigger picture view of things. You can stop trying to be like Mike and create your own Monstars — just don’t steal anybody’s flow to get it. We all need an example to follow in times of uncertainty, but keep your faith within yourself and your God above all else.

Kill your idols. Believe in yourself.



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