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Black plastic milk crate on a concrete sidewalk

Source: Simon McGill / Getty

The Summer Games are done, but the hood Olympics have arrived. 

If you have been paying attention to social media the last couple of days, you may have witnessed videos of people risking it all by walking up a stack of milk crates. The viral clips result from the latest social media challenge called the #MilkCrateChallenge. Participants try their best to climb up the stacked plastic containers successfully and safely climb down them without falling.

It sounds like an easy task to complete on paper, but it isn’t easy to pull off based on the multiple videos of people hilariously falling. The challenge is so hard to complete that people are actually placing large bets on people to see if they can actually complete the challenge. The milk crate, which serves many other purposes in the hood besides holding cartons of milk, is quite sturdy and can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. BUT, when stacked on top of each other, they provide little to no stabilization, hence why there are so many people busting their a** once they reach the peak of the stack.

Just peep this one video of an individual who takes a scary fall but miraculously still manages to hold on to his blunt.

Or peep this poor sap who faceplants during his attempt.

In the pile of videos of fails, there have been people who have actually completed the challenge successfully. One guy managed to do it while rolling a blunt. If that is not a Hood Olympics event, we don’t know what is at this point.

Salute to White Mike.

Twitter has been hilariously consuming these videos throughout the entire weekend and wondered where the hell are these people getting all of these milk crates from. One Twitter user had an interesting suggestion saying, “The CIA dropped them milk crates off in the hood.”

Crazier things have happened, lol, so it’s quite possible that could be the case.

You can peep more hilarious #MilkCrateChallenge videos in the gallery below.

Photo: Simon McGill / Getty

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