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Yeezy Knit Runner

Source: Yeezy Supply / Yeezy Supply

People have slandered Kanye’s latest adidas releases like the Foam Runners, the Slide slippers, and even the 450 Slates, but his latest and weirdest release might be getting the most hate of them all, and it’s lowkey well deserved.

The new Yeezy Knit Runner’s no doubt resemble a blimp on feet, but they not only have hypebeasts drooling, they actually sold out within minutes of their release today (September 23). Needless to say Kanye’s been pushing the envelope with his designs all across the board, from his zipper-less Gap down jacket to now his shapeless footwear, but regardless of how weird and eccentric things may get, it becomes a hot commodity amongst customers so he seems to know what he’s doing.

Looking like some knitting fabric stitched to a rubber sole, the Knit Runners seem comfortable for what it’s worth, but just kinda weird looking all around. The first “Sulfur” drop features a mustard and tan colorway that definitely stands out, and given the fact that it sold out as fast as it was probably made, a black and red colorway is sure to be as sought after as a pair of Bred Air Jordans. Still, today’s drop is already reselling for $500+ so you can only imagine what a popular colorway would fetch on the secondary market.

Check out the Yeezy Knit Runner below and let us know if you think it’s all hype or the design is next level.

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