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It’s not a secret that Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada have a serious beef with each other—which worsened when Evelyn donated $3000 to Jackie’s estranged daughter who set up a GoFundMe account last fall.

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See in October, Ta’Kari Christie created that crowdsourcing page to help pay her son’s health care bills after he was burned badly at his daycare. Evelyn paid the total funds Ta’Kari was asking for, while Jackie gave nothing saying that if Ta’Kari wanted money then she needed to ask her for it. Apparently Jackie believes that Evelyn’s generosity was a bit too much.

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Now that both Evelyn and Christie are on the sixth season Basketball Wives this tension will definitely be televised. But Evelyn wants for people to know her side of the story—and an upcoming episode of The Real Evelyn allows her to do just that.

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She shared with guest host Joseline Hernandez what her real intentions were.

“No I gave… Look, when I sent the money, it was really just me connecting with… like her grandson’s picture was all over social media. I mean, I don’t know if you guys seen it, but he was burned at a daycare. And for me, I couldn’t help but to connect that with my son. TMZ reached out, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t comment on Twitter. I didn’t comment on Instagram. I just donated the money and that’s all it was for me,” Lozada told the co-hosts.

She added “So for anybody to think that I’m going to use this INCIDENT to try to get fame… And who are you? It’s not like I donated money to Beyoncé’s child or something like… nobody really cares. But… the picture speaks for itself, like I don’t know what human being wouldn’t be moved by that photo that was shown.

Take a look:

Watch the entire episode on Monday, May 1.


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