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I’m disturbed by just reporting this story about a 4th Grade Math Teacher at Beverly Hills Elementary School In Concord,North Carolina. Brittany Monroe asked students “What they wanted to be when they grow up”, when  Austin Brown(10 yrs old) raised his hand, Monroe told the student “Put your hand down you won’t live long enough“. Now you have to ask yourself, What would you do or say if your child comes home and tell’s you that his/her teacher said they wouldn’t live long enough. According to Brown’s family & Charlotte Justice League, since the allegations occurred the school is attempting to kick Brown out, labeling him as “Troubled“. 

According to the obtained Employee Handbook(Policy 7205 Standards Of Professional Conduct),

“All Employees should adhere to certain standards of professional conduct. Failure to follow the standards in this policy shall subject the teacher or other employee to investigation and possible disciplinary action by the Board and/or State Board Of Education”



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Today at 1:15pm a conference is set to happen with Brittany Monroe and Austin Brown’s family, I will bring you updates and live footage via our Twitter & Instagram page. Check out some of the comments below as citizens have began debating the story.