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It’s not who you think whether you know a lot or a little about Zodiac signs there is one sign that is the most hated by everyone one else.

Surprisingly it’s not the diva Leos, moody Cancers, stubborn Taurauses, or even the strangely creative Aquariuses.  The worst zodiac sign in Aries. Why? They are overly competitive, easily bored, and impatient.

They don’t have a filter, and prefer to say and do exactly what they want. Aries competitive nature can feel cocky and if there is no competition around they will pick a fight.

Aries season is March 21-April 19.

Familiar Aries signs include Mariah Carey, Lil Nas X, Chance the Rapper, Halle Bailey, Pharrell and Big Sean.

Do you agree that Aries is the worst Zodiac sign?