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Since the Oscar nominations were announced last week, many celebrities have spoken out on the lack of Black nominees. But none were more unfiltered than Snoop Dogg.

“Fuck that old slavery bullshit-ass award show,” said Snoop.

He went on to explain how cultural appropriation runs rampant in the music business, just like it does in Hollywood.

They steal all our culture, steal all our slang, steal all our everything, and they make it cool, and then we can’t get no acknowledgement for what we do as far as being originators and creators,” he said in the video posted to YouTube.

Snoop’s rant comes in response to Jada Pinkett Smith‘s announcement that she was boycotting the 2016 Oscars. Though Snoop’s own reaction is less PC, he shared the same sentiment: “Fuck the Oscars. Fuck the Grammys and fuck any of you motherfuckers who don’t nominate,” Snoop continued.

Snoop knows what it’s like not to win awards; he’s been nominated for 16 Grammys and never took home the trophy.

The West Coast rap legend does have a simple solution to the problem: The Hood Awards. “We give all black folks what they due and deserve,” he said.

Snoop then signed off like only he can: “I’m not watching that bullshit-ass show. Fuck em. I’ll be smoking dope, kicking it. You dig?”

Check out the rest of Snoop’s profanity-laced rant above.


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