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Graffiti Depicts Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock In Berlin

Source: Adam Berry / Getty

Chris Rock getting pimp slapped by Will Smith is already etched in the memories of everyone who witnessed the historic television event, but some people are taking things further and getting the moment inked on their person because, well, we don’t know.

Page Six is reporting that tattoo artists have begun inking the slap heard ’round the world on their customers who want to live in that moment forever. While you’d expect one or maybe two of the seven billion people living on this earth to the slap tatted on their person, it seems to have become a growing trend these days and tattoo artists can’t believe it.

“Tattoo artist Jon Arton found it “hilarious” when someone asked to get the infamous outburst tattooed on his leg recently.”

“I thought, let’s do it. It’s hilarious,” the Birmingham tattoo artist told SWNS. “It’s quite small and discreet – if it wasn’t I probably wouldn’t have done it.”

Then a tattoo artist in New Jersey, Oscar Aguilar Jr, also got a similar request from a customer and put the end product on his IG page for all to witness and comment on.

Then Italian tattoo artist Giovanni Bracciodieta took to his IG page to show the slap request he fulfilled and, well, you tell us.

One thing we find in common in all of these customers are, they all white people. Just sayin.’

What do y’all think of “The Slap” becoming a tattoo favorite these days? Ridiculous or just about right given the state of the world these days? Let us know in the comments section below.

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