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Zoey Dollaz hit it big with his 2015 song “Blow a Check.” Since then, he has been a heavy contender in hip hop, which is why he had to come through Urban One’s Blitz 2017.

Rae Holliday got some time on the red carpet with the rapper and asked the question we all wanted to know. What was the first thing he blew a check on? “I bought my mama house and I bought myself an M6,” he revealed. Damn, homie. For those who don’t know, the BMW M6 is a luxury care that costs well over $100,000.

Dollaz also reflected back to when he first heard the track on the radio, “I was out of town and I looked on my Instagram and I saw somebody recorded a video of it being played on the radio in Miami. I didn’t believe it, I was like, ‘What? No.’ I’m like, ‘Yo, that’s crazy.’” Two years later, Dollaz has learned tons of lessons in the music industry and has some advice for the new artists who are gracing the Blitz stage. “You gotta stay consistent. You gotta remain humble. Don’t make promises to people you can’t keep.” Well said. That’s some advice you can take no matter where you work.

Watch the exclusive Zoey Dollaz chat in the video above.

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